To come up with a new idea 💡 or finding a solution for a problem ✓, you start thinking 🤔. Most of time, you end up with a dead-end without coming up with an idea or a solution.

Let’s try to go through the following example to know what’s happening, then we get to know how to solve the problem.

Example of bad thinking

Let’s make an idea of business about selling water bottles.

Green 🟢 – Red 🔴 Thinking

When you first think about the idea mentioned above, you would say: why this idea? many are doing that. 🔴
Ok, but I might make new product ideas 🟢
Hmm, but ideas might not be accepted. 🔴
But also, I can make the prices affordable. 🟢
I don’t know, it not seems to be a good idea. DEAD

This is the waterfall of thinking. Green for ideas, Red for blockers and problems. Then the whole idea is Dead.

Then we can say: Green, Red … Green, Red … Green, Dead.

How to solve that

The optimal way to think is to collect all the ideas before validating them. I mean collect them without think of they are feasible or not.

After you collected your list, then you start to look at them again and think:
What is not feasible? Can I merge/combine non-feasible ideas to make a new idea?

Now, shortlist your collection. Then do it again, till you have ONE or few ideas to make.


Never say no to any idea. Collect them all then start combining, filtering and reviewing them. You will get a better picture.

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