When Google Fonts Early Access was released (i guess in 2012), 5 Arabic fonts were added equipoise injection price the game of the human to the list. The Arabic fonts are:

  • Amiri
  • Droid Arabic Kufi
  • Droid Arabic Naskh
  • Lateef
  • Scheherazade

And from that since, only Noto group were added to the list of Arabic fonts:

  • Noto Kufi Arabic
  • Noto Nash Arabic
  • Noto Sans Kufi Arabic


And because Arabic websites are lack of Arabic web Fonts, i have developed a website called FontFace.me to serve web fonts for Arabic language.

FontFace.me is a free service to use. I also have FontStatic.com domain to be the CDN to serve CSS and Font files.

I hope this will be used for all Arabic websites soon.

3 Replies to “Arabic web fonts are here”

  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته،
    شكرا لك على هذه المبادرة في ظل شح استخدام الخطوط العربية في تطوير الويب. استخدمت بعض الخطوط في موقع أعمل على تطويره. جزاك الله خيرا

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