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I have collected some jQuery image galleries for you to choose your preferred one. Each one is working in different way than the other.
Here is the list of the top 5 jquery image galleries:

  • GalleryView:
    This image gallery the the most good looking image gallery i’ve seen with perfect animation and timing.


  • jQuery Morphing Gallery:
    Is another image gallery that manipulate with different image dimensions.

    jQuery Morphing Gallery

  • jQuery Lightbox:
    Is a jQuery version from the javascript lightbox. A good image gallery with image enlargement.

    jQuery Lightbox

  • Galleria:
    Is another beautiful image gallery.


  • Slider Gallery:
    Is another jQuery image gallery with sliding animation. This gallery is used in website.

    Slider Gallery


10 Replies to “Top 5 jQuery image galleries”

  1. thanks for the collection,it is useful. a link of this article has been submitted to WebmasterClip in order to share it with more ppl.

  2. The jquery Lightbox can be used on any platform. Just include the jquery.js javascript file to your page then include the plugin javascript file. follow the instructions of setting up the plugin and it will work perfectly.

    I am using jquery in this blog.

  3. GALLERIA is BROKEN on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox 3.5+! DO NOT USE IT! Many have emailed the authors, and there is no known solution for the #undefined image disappearing on these webkit browsers.

    I would recommend you remove it from this list.

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